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About us

cotholic kingergarten

About us

Catholic, linguistic kindergarten "Baby Jesus" was established in 2005 and since that time has been a place in which every child is appreciated and noticed. Here, children are happy and smiling, they develop their interests and abilities in a nice and warm atmosphere, under the supervision of qualified staff who passionately take care of our kids every day.


•    bring up to values,
•    give the chance for a complete and individual development of children,
•    teach how to make contacts, mutual acceptance, kindness and understanding - it makes the child feel loved, accepted and happy,
•    give children the opportunity to think creatively, act and present their talents and achievements,
•    prepare for living in a community, experiencing successes, for dealing with problems, but also be sensitive to the problems of other peers and tolerant of different cultures.
•    support parents of children in solving problems, everyday difficulties, makes them partners of the kindergarten,
•    strive to ensure that children are well prepared to enter a school environment
•    teach in three languages - Polish, English and Italian, engaging all senses.


education kindergartenwe guarantee:

•    tender loving care and safety for your child;
•    individual approach to each child;
•    implementation of the core curriculum;
•    natural acquisition of foreign languages (English- classes 5 times per week, Italian- 3 times per week)
•    music- twice a week
•    dance- once a week
•    sport: football, judo, physical education with elements of corrective gymnastics- twice a week
•    "A handful of joy, a pinch of anger" - classes on feelings and emotions conducted by psychologist
•    group speech therapy
•    many additional events and celebrations: picnics, trips to theaters, museums, galleries, cinemas, parks and many other attractions.
•    great living conditions, a room for exercising and music activities, a large playground, own kitchen and dining room

Additionally paid classes:

horse riding – once a week
individual speech therapy (if needed)
individual psychological therapy (if needed)


meals kindergarten

During the day, the kindergarten provides children with 5 meals
All meals are prepared on premises by the cooks working in the kindergarten. The dishes offered by kitchen in the kindergarten are tasty, nutritious and so balanced that they are best adapted to the needs of our youngest.
Children receive a variety of dishes that are always fresh and properly prepared. The kindergarten also takes into account the individual nutritional needs of children.

Parents have daily access to the current menu. During meals, children are always able to ask for extra food, as well as unlimited access to water and other drinks served while eating. Teachers encourage children to try new dishes, help with eating and take care of the rules of good behavior at the table.


For further information please contact principal at

+48 22 558 08 40,

mobile: + 48 607 543 141;

e-mail: sekretariat@przedszkole-barnabici.edu.pl

We will be happy to answer your questions.